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d0114908_2010037.jpgToday in Morning circle we did the “Rainbow” song but we rather than just singing the song.

We got everyone to hold up their coloured flash cards when they heard the colour on the song. This was a good listening activity.

We also played “Simon Says”. R.I. really enjoys this game and does really well in listening carefully to the teacher’s instructions.

One of the themes at the moment is “Sea Creatures” and the kids had to pretend to swim into the sea (under a plastic blue sheet) and find the Sea Creature that the teacher calls out.

This was a race between two people and they all had lots of fun with this activity.

Later on before going home they listened to a Japanese story in English called "Omusubi-Kororin" which is about Rice balls.

They all seemed curious about hearing it in English.
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d0114908_209640.jpgIn the morning Kinders practiced the new rhyme "Two little black birds".

They traced and coloured a worksheet for the rhyme.

During morning circle we did attendance. The children had to take the
letter from under their picture and place it in the matching jigsaw piece.

They then ran to the board to put their photo under their name.

After that we sang the good morning song and reviewed our feelings and weather cards.

This week we will be focusing on the letter "J". So after the Hello song we
danced and sung to "Everybody Jump", "Jelly in a bowl" and "I have a Joy".

Today Rompers and Kinders went to the park. We played soccer and went on the swing.

We also went Egg hunting which was actually looking for smooth
black rocks that were hiding in the grass.

All the students had fun!

After lunch the students had some free time. The Kinders started their
coffee filter jellyfish craft, while the other students did some drawing.
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七夕まつり: July 6, 2007





d0114908_8122454.jpgスナックは星の形の rice crackers. U.Y.くんは rice crackers を手に持って動かしながら "Twinkle twinkle little star......" と歌っていました。

七夕まつりの時間は、"Twinkle twinkle little star" のBGMにのせて、ジュリアン先生が七夕のお話(織姫と彦星)を、英語でみんなに話して聞かせてくれました。




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d0114908_8234100.jpg9:00 – 9:15 / Free-play and measuring children’s weight and height + "Twinkle, twinkle little star"

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, Ocean Creatures, Verbs, Greetings and weather.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, "I’m going to sit and clap my hands", "If your happy and you know it", "I love you".

10:10-10:30 / Snack time.

10:30-11:10 / Biology: Forest Animals.

11:10-11:50 / Japanese class: Story of Tanabata.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time.

13:00-13:40 / More about the Tanabata Festival and crafts.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine.

Japanese の時間には、ゆうこ先生の七夕クイズに真剣に答え、宇宙人をやっつけて見事にフェルトの天の川を完成させて、おりひめとひこぼしを会わせることができました。めでたし、めでたし♪
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ルーティーンでは、Monthly Theme の Sea creatures が登場!!

PC(Picture Card)を見て、"sting ray"、"octopus"、"squid" などの声が次々と上がっていました。

ClassⅠのエイジグループの課業で、キンダーさんを中心に shapes の review のあと、身支度をして外へ・・・。

小雨の中、スクールのまわりでいろいろな shapes を探し、"I spy" をしました。

10分程度の短い時間でしたが、"Look! Tire is circle"、"水たまり(Puddle) is oval!"、"Big green square, here!" などなど、次々と "I spy" してくれたA.S.ちゃん、N.M.ちゃん、N.S.ちゃん、A.Sh.ちゃん、そしてS.S.ちゃんでした。

Heart と cresent がスクール周りからは見つけられなかったかな・・・。

室内に戻り、"I spy" したものの絵を描きました。

ClassⅡでは、India について学び、Playing Cricket にチャレンジ!!

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d0114908_9522660.jpgToday in morning circle the kids learned about animals and the sounds they make.

We asked them questions like "what is the name of this animal?" and "what sound does this animal make?"

They had lots of fun making the animal noises!

In song time they really enjoyed the song "I’m gonna sit and clap my hands".

In Toddler time they always love the song "Everybody Jump" and also " Hot potato" by the Wiggles.

Later they listened to a story about Tanabata by Yuko, which they were really interested in.

Later after lunch, they played musical chairs and then it was story time and they liked the book titled "I love you when…".
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d0114908_1043037.jpgThis week we will be concentrating on the letter I.

We started the morning with attendance. The students run, jump and touch a balloon, pick up their photo and stick it under their name.

Then we did verbs. Today we did skip, spin around, dance, sleep, laugh and whisper.

Weather we did Chinese whispers. The children would whisper the weather word around the circle and the last person would say it out loud.

We revised colours by giving each student a different colored card, when their color was called out they had to hold the card in the air.

For song time we did "If your happy" and "I'm going to clap my hands".

In class rompers started their July calendar with a sea theme. They first
drew some sea creatures of their own. Then cut and paste some pictures of sea animals.

After class everyone made Tanabata decorations.

Following lunch rompers continued to finish their calendars by gluing blue
cellophane for water and sand for the bottom of the ocean.

Kinder's completed a shape worksheet. Toddlers played picnic with the
plastic food.
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d0114908_801131.jpg今日は6月生まれのお友達4人の Birthday party!!


みんなで "Happy birthday to you~" と歌い、お誕生日のお友達が順番にそれぞれロウソクの火を吹き消し、そしてジュリアン先生から Birthday card が手渡されました。




午後は "Farm project" の tree 製作。


出来上がったものは、以前作った Farm animals (ducks, horses, sheeps, cows, goats, rabits, rooster/hens) と一緒にお部屋の窓に貼って飾りました。

いろいろな動物がいて賑やかな Farm です。


"Happy Birthday!!"~これからも元気に、強く、優しく大きくなってね!!~
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父親参観以来の登園となった I.H.ちゃん、朝方は少し泣いていましたが、以前のように一人で play room にいるということが無くなりました。

父親参観の日は、お父さん、お母さんに見守られて、とびきりの笑顔で過ごした I.H.ちゃん。



そしてランチタイムには、みんなと同じテーブル、しかも Tim 先生のとなりに座ってランチを楽しむことができました!


A.S.ちゃん、何度か「ママ~、お家に帰る~。」と泣きましたが、その度にS.S.ちゃんが面倒を見てくれて、12時まで stay することができました。



YPKの green の帽子も、クマのロゴマーク&それぞれのお母さんの愛情のこもったデコレーションがとっても cute で大好きです。

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朝の Free Play の時間には、6月お誕生のお友だちの Birthday Crown のデコレーションをしました。

キラキラのホイル折り紙で、今月の Theme でもある、heart や star を切り抜いて貼っていきます。

S.S.ちゃんは、H.W.ちゃんのためにお花の形を切り抜き、たくさんのり付けして、"This is H.W.'s." と教えてくれました。


金曜日の Birthday Party でみんなが喜んでくれるといいですね!

クラスⅠの課業で、キンダーさんを中心に先週からの続き、This is my house を完成させました。

今回は先日作った House に誰が住んでいるのか?の Q&A をしながら絵を描いて、切って、貼り付けて・・・。

Family を描いた子もいれば、飼ってみたい pet に friends まで・・・とってもにぎやかな House が完成しました。

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d0114908_23404843.jpgToday in morning circle we introduced some different verbs, for example: spin, drink, swim and more.

Also in circle time we got the students to demonstrate weather actions, for example: sunny, rainy and windy…etc and the other students had to guess which weather pattern it was.

d0114908_2341842.jpgT.S. really enjoyed this activity and kept asking for a turn.

In Japanese time the students played a circle game called "Hankachiotoshi" which translates to "Drop the Handkerchief" in English.

They had lots of fun with the teachers chasing them around the circle trying to catch them.

They later enjoyed a story called "Today is Monday" by Eric Carle.
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d0114908_23382298.jpgToday was the beginning of our review week for letters F, G and H.

We started the morning with attendance. The children had to crawl under a tarp and then pick up their photo to stick to the board under their name.

In morning circle we reviewed our feelings flash cards. The students are
getting very good at these.

We talked about the weather and played a magic memory game with the weather cards.

We revised our verb cards from last week. The cards are placed face down on the floor with numbers on the back.

A student then rolls a die and picks up the card with the same number
on it. The child acts out the verb on the card for the other students to

Song time we danced to "Dancing with wags the dog", "Row, row, row your boat" and "Peter hammers".

During class time Rompers reviewed their F vocabulary with flash
cards, along with shapes and colors. They then did worksheets for the
letter F - F is for Fire truck or F is for Fireman. To finish we read "Fish is

When class was finished the children had some free time to play in the
toddler's house with pretend fire hoses and fire flames.

Then we played musical chairs.

After lunch the students joined in a golf game and then acted to the song
"Wheels on the Bus".
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House 完成!! : June 22, 2007


d0114908_76130.jpg今朝も"Humpty Dumpty"(今週のNursery Rhyme)の曲が流れ,歌声が聞こえています。キンダーさんは真剣にTraceをしながらも、楽しそうに口ずさんでいました。

今日のトドラーさん6人は"Bus song"を歌いました。一人ひとり "Ticket,please." と言って、ティム先生からバスチケットを受け取りました。


"House project" の第2弾。火曜日の painting に続き、今日は "House decoration"
いろいろな Shapes ( square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, oval ) に切った色画用紙を、トドラー、ロンパー、キンダー、それぞれの House に貼って飾り付け。


午後は昨日と同様、A.S.ちゃんママが"Hip Hop Dance"を教えてくださいました。

まずは "one, two, three・・・" と、1から10までみんなでカウントしながらストレッチ。


今日はカラフルなオリジナルの House が完成し、うれしい一日でした。みんな早く遊びたいようです。
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d0114908_762512.jpg9:00 – 9:15 / Free-play and giving the badges for the helpers for watering, snack time, feeding the turtle and lunch time. Tracing a Humpty Dumpty.

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, greetings, verbs and alphabet song.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, Jump and Hot potato.

10:10-10:30 / Snack time.

10:30-11:10 / H vocabulary and worksheet. Biology class – bees and honey.

11:10-11:50 / Culture class: Hawaii.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time: Cooking Hot dogs, Hash browns & Corn soup.

13:00-13:40 / Hip-hop dance class. Stretching and hip-hop easy steps.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine.
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d0114908_23234378.jpg今朝はルーティーンで、Action verbs の PC を review し、"kick" や "fight" で大盛り上がりをしました。

"Walk" では、"walk, walk, walk and stop" をうたい出したN.S.ちゃんとU.Y.くんでした。

スナックタイムのあと、ロンパーさんが♪Humpty Dumpty のFinger puppet をレベッカ先生と一緒に作り、指を入れて楽しそうに動かしていました。


"N.S.'s house is a big house."、"N.M.'s house is very very big" などと、大きな自分の家を想像していました。


次回はその家に誰がすんでいるのかなどをQ&Aして、住んでいる人の絵を描き、Show&Tell をしたいと思います。

Japanese の時間では、H is for handkercief を使った Activity ということで、Yuko先生がハンカチマジックを見せてくれました。


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Big House Painting: June 19, 2007


d0114908_714147.jpgToday was “House painting day”, with each group, Kinders, Rompers and Toddlers having their own house to decorate with paint.

They had lots of fun painting their cardboard house and also mixing colours to make other colours.

d0114908_7142863.jpgIn snack time we had an “H” snack- Honey with bananas and yoghurt which they all enjoyed eating.

Later on they listened to a story called “ Bear in a square” and they had to point out the shapes in the book.
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振替休園: June 18, 2007

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父と子の Attendance race では、2組ずつスタートのはずが、みんなハリキリすぎて、全員がスタートしてしまい、再度仕切り直しというハプニングが・・・(笑)。

いつもよりニコニコのI.H.ちゃん、K.K.くんに、調子の乗らない T.S.くんでした。

Singing songs では、「恥しい~」と、大泣きのA.Su.ちゃん!

d0114908_23201374.jpg子どもたちがお父さんと楽しそうに "Row, row, row your boat" をうたう姿は、お母さんたちも温かいまなざしで見ていました。

クッキングでは "Fruit Tart" にチャレンジ!!いろいろなフルーツを乗せてとても美味しそう!お持ち帰りが待ち切れずに、ペロリと食べてしまったH.W.ちゃんとY.K.ちゃんでした。

お父さんが参加しての Egg Spoon Race では、お玉の「柄」に卵を乗せて運ぶお父さんの真剣な姿に大歓声が上がっていました!

最後はみんなが作った Fan をプレゼントして終了となりました。

Father's Day を盛り上げてくれた Tim & Julian パパに THANKS!!
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モーニングルーティーン。いつもいろいろなバリエーションで、Attendance board に顔写真とネームタグを貼っています。今日はネームタグの代わりに自分の名前の頭文字のアルファベットを探して貼りました。みんなパッと見つけて貼ることができました。

Shapes Activity では、初めにジュリアン先生が "Are you ready?" と子どもたちに聞くと、 "Yes, I am!!" と元気な返事が返ってきました。ゲームでは "yellow square"、 "red circle" など、好きな形の場所に移動して楽しみました。ゲームに勝てなかったU.Y.くんは泣いてしまい、とても悔しそうです。

続いては、みんなが大好きな Musical chairs (イス取りゲーム)。

音楽がストップし、イスに座れなかった子は残念そう・・・。でもその後、お友達を応援。N.S.ちゃんは "Go! go! S.S.!" と大きな声で一生懸命応援していました。



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d0114908_8464969.jpg9:00 – 9:15 / Free-play and giving the badges for the helpers for watering, snack time, feeding the turtle and lunch time. Sight word readers “Go, go”.

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, attendance list race, feelings and weather; as well as the “Show and Tell”. Today K.F. and I.H.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, 1,2 buckle my shoe and Baby Bubble Bee.

10:10-10:30 / Math: Worksheet for addition; counting fruit + colors (ex. How many green apples?). G vocabulary. Phonics A.

10:30-11:10 / F vocabulary review and worksheet (Flag and fish). Phonics A and F.

11:10-11:50 / Japanese class; reading a book about a frog and her baby tadpoles (kids loved the story). Music: singing along with the piano with Teacher Yuko. Games: Balls in Box (玉いれ) and musical chairs.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time.

13:00-13:40 / Making birthday cards for H.W. Game: Roll over.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine. Story: Good night gorilla by Peggy Rathmann and singing the goodbye song.
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Sight Word Readers: June 13, 2007



キンダーさんの Sight Word Readers のタイトルは "Go, Go"。各自の paper booklet を作り、一人ひとり reading practice をしました。

They go ... のセンテンスはくり返し使われるので読めますが、絵のイメージが先行して、"store" を "supermarket" と言ってしまいます。

もう一度文字をよく見て s-t-o-r-e, store と練習すると、"They go to the store" とスラスラ言えるようになりました。

Morning routine では、Tim先生の描いた絵の顔の表情から feeling を当てる Guessing Game! 先生が描いている途中から "sad"、"angry" などの答えが出て、とても楽しそうでした。

エイジグループの課業では、キンダーさんを中心に giraffe の paper bag puppet 作り。ロンパーさんを中心に gold fish の stained glass art に取り組みました。

その後、先日ロンパーさんが廃材を利用して作った golf club で playing golf をして盛り上がりました。

大人顔負けで hole-in-one をして大喜びの R.I.くん、何度もチャレンジしてようやく hole-in していた A.S.ちゃんでした。

これから週の後半、他にどんな g-words が出てくるか楽しみですね!
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d0114908_8473076.jpgToday was Culture class and the students learned about Greece and some of its features, like foods that are part of Greek life, like olives and grapes and kebabs - Yummy!

Next it was learning about the Olympics and how it began in Greece. The students then took part in an Olympic event, The Baton race.

Two teams raced against each other to find a winner and they absolutely loved this event.

Later Yuko talked about brushing your teeth and the students enjoyed trying to clean a drawing of some teeth on the whiteboard with a big toothbrush.

After lunch the kids made some more farm animals for the window display and then listened to a story about how to brush your teeth.
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d0114908_848374.jpgFor the morning attendance the children picked up their photos when leaving the start line and jumped all the way to the board.

They had to find their name, stick their picture on the board and jump back to the start.

We then played "the flap game" with the emotion cards. The first child to
slap the correct card when it is called is the winner. This is a fun way to
test the children's vocabulary.

We reviewed the Calendar songs and the children had to tell us what day it is. "Today is Monday June 11th."

For "Show & Tell" today H.K. showed us his cars. T.S. showed us his puzzle that had pictures of emergency vehicles.

In song time we tried a new song "Who is wearing green?" If a child was
wearing the colour that was said in the song they would reply "I am wearing green." etc.

As today is the beginning of G week, we had grape juice and a G biscuit
at snack time.

Today it was the toddlers and some of the rompers turn to go to the park.

We were lucky to have a sunny day for it. We played on the swing, slide,
bridge and because it was so hot we even took our shoes off so we could play in the water fountain.

Everyone had a fun time. Then we had to go back to school for lunch.

After Lunch the children made more animals for our farm project.
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d0114908_17241883.jpg今日の "Show&Tell" では、S.S.ちゃんとA.Su.ちゃんがお気に入りのおもちゃを紹介してくれました。

まずは、S.S.ちゃん。バッグの中からお財布、レジスター、そして、いくつか食べ物を取り出しました。ティム先生に "Who bought this for you?" と尋ねられ、すかさず "Santa!!" と返答。2歳の時にサンタクロースからもらったプレゼントだそうです。

お次は、A.Su.ちゃんの番です。レベッカ先生に "What's this?" と尋ねられ、「ぴちょんくん」と答えていました。ぴちょんくん(?)の絵のジグゾーパズルです。

"Show&Tell" の時間は、みんなお友達のおもちゃに興味津々。そのため、静かに上手にお話を聞いています。




お留守番のお友達は、"finger painting" をしました。S.Su.くんは、いっぱい手に絵の具をつけて、豪快に楽しんでいました。Y.S.くんはひたすら黄色だけで塗っていました。

そうしているうちに、公園からみんなが "I'm back!!" と帰って来ました。


今日は戸外遊び& finger painting を楽しんだ一日でした。
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d0114908_1253915.jpg9:00 – 9:15 / Free-play and selecting the helpers for watering, snack time and lunch time. Nursery rhymes: “The farmer in the dell”.

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, attendance list race, feelings and weather; as well as the “Show and Tell”.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, Old Mc Donald had a farm, Fruit Salad and Row Row Row your boat.

10:10-10:30 / Snack time: Fairy Bread. Students put butter on the bread by themselves, as this is a great motor-skill exercise.

10:30-11:10 / F vocabulary review and worksheet (Flag and fish). Phonics A and F.

11:10-11:50 / Shapes activities: looking for the shapes and corner game.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time.

13:00-13:40 / Farm project: making animals for a farm window decoration; making sheep, pigs and cows. Free-play.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine: singing the goodbye song.
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今日のモーニングルーティーンでは、A.Sh.ちゃんが Show&Tell にチャレンジ!!


d0114908_19585245.jpgスナックタイムは、Kimie お手製の Bread Pudding!

Culture Class で先日フランスについて学習したので、その時使った buguette が入っていることを伝えると、みんなの顔がさらに "yummy!" とニコニコ顔に・・・。

"Who wants some more?" に、"Me!"、"may I have some more, please?" の声が返ってきました。

エイジグループの課業で、キンダーさんを中心に、show&Tell の Toys を取り出して、ワークシート "My favorite Toy" を完成させました。

女の子が多かったので、dolls や buggy でしたが、それぞれの人形にも名前がついていたり、好きなドレスを着せたり、話しかけたりと、みんなのおもちゃに対する思いが伝わってきました。

その後、全員で今月のテーマ「かたち (shapes) 」にちなんだ Activity をしました。

レベッカ先生の言う形のカードの所へ素早く移動するのですが、square や rectangle、circle や oval で迷う子もいたりで、ウロウロする姿がとてもかわいらしかったです。
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d0114908_08435.jpgToday in morning circle time, we played a game called “Memory” with the weather cards.

The kids had to memorize six weather cards, then the teacher would cover them and take away one card and then the first kid to say the name of the missing card got a sticker.

They had lots of fun with this game!

In craft time the Toddlers had fun finger painting a Fan for Fathers day, while the Rompers and Kinders decorated their Fans with their markers and stuck flowers onto the other side of the Fan.

Later the kids enjoyed one of their favorite books, “ Yummy and Yucky”.
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d0114908_0311543.jpgWe started the morning by handing out our new helper badges for feeding Kamex the turtle, watering the flowers, cushion helper and snack time helper.

The Kinders began learning a new rhyme "The Farmer in the Dell".

We had our first Show & Tell for the month in our morning routine.

Today it was R.I. and A.S.'s turn. R.I. brought in a model dinosaur he built.
A.S. brought her dolls and their pretty dresses.

At song time we danced to the new rhyme "The Farmer in the Dell". All the children stood in a circle and as the song progress one student at a time would enter the middle of the circle until the song finished.

Today was the beginning of F week. Rompers started their vocabulary with F words like Fish, Fern, Fan, Family, Football and Feet.

They also practiced their shapes and colors. We then played Memory with the shape cards; children had to match the pairs of shapes.

Today in culture class Julian told us all about France. The children got to smell, touch and see a baguette. He showed the children the Eiffel tower and that the rooster is Frances national animal.

After Lunch the children finished their June calendar.
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子どもたちは、「snail! snail!」と言い、かわいらしいかたつむりを見て喜んでいました。

Language Artsの時間。

トドラーさんではcolor bowling。A.M.ちゃんがピンを倒してうれしそうでした。最近は泣かずにお帰りまで過ごしています。

ロンパーさんは色の復習。Monster役の子に「What color is it?」と尋ね、Monsterが答えた色の物を探してタッチするゲームをしました。みんな必死に探して、素早くタッチしていました。

キンダーさんは6月のカレンダー製作。かたつむりを作りました。A.Su.ちゃんのかたつむりは、まつげやリボンが付いて、女の子のかたつむり。Very cute!!



「すごい!!」(A.S.ちゃん)、「おばけ~!!」(S.S.ちゃん)、「ビールだぁ~!!」(K.W.くん) とみんな驚いています。楽しい実験でした。

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d0114908_01407.jpg9:00 - 9:15 / Free play and making a crown for A.M.'s birthday. Making the helpers badge for watering, snack time and lunch time.

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, attendance list race, feelings and the puppet show for “No biting, No fighting for toys and no spiting”.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, London Bridge is falling down, Hickory Dickory Dock and Here we go the mulberry.

10:10-10:30 / Snack time. It was A.M.'s birthday party; giving A.M. birthday cards, singing the birthday song and eating birthday cup cakes.

10:30-11:10 / E vocabulary review. Target question “Do you have ~?” and target answers “Yes/no”. E worksheet (Elephant). We read Today is Monday by Eric Carle.

11:10-11:50 / E activities; egg race, turtle race and musical chairs. Story: Excuse me by Karen Kate.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time.

13:00-13:40 / Free play. Coloring, drawing, playing, reading books, etc. Painting the school sign.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine: singing the goodbye song.
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