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d0114908_01407.jpg9:00 - 9:15 / Free play and making a crown for A.M.'s birthday. Making the helpers badge for watering, snack time and lunch time.

9:20-9:40 / Morning routine: Good Morning Song, attendance list race, feelings and the puppet show for “No biting, No fighting for toys and no spiting”.

9:40-9:55 / Singing the Hello Song, London Bridge is falling down, Hickory Dickory Dock and Here we go the mulberry.

10:10-10:30 / Snack time. It was A.M.'s birthday party; giving A.M. birthday cards, singing the birthday song and eating birthday cup cakes.

10:30-11:10 / E vocabulary review. Target question “Do you have ~?” and target answers “Yes/no”. E worksheet (Elephant). We read Today is Monday by Eric Carle.

11:10-11:50 / E activities; egg race, turtle race and musical chairs. Story: Excuse me by Karen Kate.

12:00-12:50 / Lunch time.

13:00-13:40 / Free play. Coloring, drawing, playing, reading books, etc. Painting the school sign.

13:55-14:00 / Goodbye routine: singing the goodbye song.
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Baby carriage (buggy) を楽しそうに押していたN.M.ちゃん。「メルちゃん」のお人形はN.S.ちゃん。「ゲキレンジャー」を持ってきたのはY.S.くんでした。

今日のルーティーンでは、再び Mr. Wolf が登場して、"No hitting!"、"No pushing!"、"No throwing!" を教えてくれました。

Native の先生方の即興 Puppet Show なので、ストーリー性にちょっと無理がありますが、子どもたちは、いつもとは違う先生たちの声色に真剣に耳を傾けて、"No good!" と反応し、"Say 'I'm sorry', Mr. Wolf" と困った Mr. Wolf に声をかけていました。

スナックタイムの後は、エイジグループごとに分かれて、Vocab. の review を中心にワークシートなどに取り組みました。


パズルを完成させて、"Look! Kaori!" (私には "Look! Ka~wow~ri~!" と聞こえる) と声をかけてくれました。

"Wow, you did it all by yourself? Great!!" と褒めると、"Yes." と言ってニコニコしていました。

その後、全員スモッグ姿で、Dinosaur の painting をしました。絵の具の準備が待ちきれずに、乾いた紙ねんどの dinosaur を手に roaring をして、壊れてしまった Y.S.くん、R.I.くん、A.Sh.ちゃん、でした。

Red / yellow / green / blue / purple と、colorful な Dinosaur が出来上がりました。

色を mix して、本物の dinosaur の色に近い色を作ったA.S.ちゃん。

夢中になって、髪の毛にまで painting してしまったU.Y.くん、でした。
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A Puppet Show: May 29, 2007


d0114908_223088.jpgThis morning the children enjoyed a puppet show.

The puppet show demonstrated certain behaviors, for example, stealing and screaming.

We asked them “Is this good or bad?” and they responded with a big “BAD!”.

After snack-time we all made chocolate chip cookies which they later took home to enjoy.

Next on the agenda was making Dinosaurs out of soft clay.

U.Y. really enjoyed this activity and A.Sh. did not want to finish because she was having so much fun creating her dinosaur!

After lunch everyone made birthday cards for A.M. Finally, in story time, the kids seemed really intrigued by a story called “All by myself”.
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Planting flowers: May 28, 2007


d0114908_22264142.jpgToday was the start of revision week. We are revising all C, D and E
vocabulary words.

Morning routine started with attendance. Next we practiced our emotions.
Most children were feeling "fantastic" today.

We talked about the weather.

The children passed around weather words to each other by whispering words like "stormy" around the circle. The last child had to say the word out loud.

Everyone passed it along and we had the same word as when we stared
every time.

Song time we had danced to "Everybody Jump" which everybody did with much enthusiasm today.

After snack time Kinders and Toddlers went to the park.

Rompers reviewed their C vocabulary. Then we revised our alphabet using our ABC flash cards and played "find the missing letter" game.

We laid out the letters of the alphabet, the children closed their eyes and when they opened them they had to find which letter was missing.

Then rompers did a centipede work sheet and had to trace the letter C.

d0114908_2227811.jpgAfter lunch everyone chose their own flowers and planted them in pots.

The children helped put the soil in the pot and around the flowers. Next to the flowers they placed their name tags which they had made earlier in the week.

We finished the day with the story Brown Bear.
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Y.K.ちゃんが自分から進んでルーティーンに参加し、お兄ちゃんのH.K.くんに手伝ってもらいながら、Attendance board に、顔写真とネームタグを貼ることができました。(ルーティンの後も泣かずに歌やおやつの時間、みんなに混ざってにこにこ顔で過ごすことができました。)

いろいろな感情表現 (Excited, Bored, Sick, Frustrated, Fantastic, Tired, Scared) を学んでいます。今日の feeling はどうか?と先生に尋ねられ、7つ言葉の中からY.S.くんは "I am frustrated." と答えていました。







中でも、今日の見学を楽しみにしていたR.I.くんは、消防車を見て、「すごい!!」を連発して驚き、H.K.くんは "I like fire engine." と言って、うれしそうでした。

今日は消防署見学に行った5人にとって "excited" な一日でした。
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d0114908_2021598.jpgFree play and nursery rhymes with Kaori (Eentsy weentsy spider) from 9:00.

Morning routine: Good Morning Song, attendance list race, new weather cards and the Family Tree: Questions and answers - “Who’s that?” – “That’s S.S.”.

Singing the Hello Song, Everybody Jump, Buckle my shoe and Where is thumbkin?

At the fire station everyone behaved excellent and listened carefully. They were excited to see the fire engines.

They also had the opportunity to see firemen training climbing buildings.

d0114908_2022239.jpgTeachers explained about the special equipment fire fighters use in their work. We took many pictures, too.
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避難訓練:May 23, 2007

朝は、Kinderさんの Nursery Ryhme ♪Eency Weency Spider のトレースから始まりました。

U.Y.くんやN.S.ちゃんなど、Kinder 以外の子たちも、CDに合わせて楽しくうたっていました。

Morning Routine で、Attendance のマッチングゲームに負けたA.S.ちゃんが大泣き!よっぽど悔しかったのかな?スナックタイムまで泣き通しでした。

d0114908_2030425.jpg今日の Language Arts の時間は、Monthly Books (5月の絵本)の中から。

ロンパーさんは、Five Little Monkeys のマスク作りをレベッカ先生と一緒にしてから、CDに合わせて Role Play をしました。

キンダーさんは、The Very Hungry Caterpillar の中から、ジュリアン先生と butterfly の絵を描きました。

d0114908_20302160.jpgそして、みんなでそれぞれ課業に取り組んでいる最中に、キッチンから "火災発生!!"


ちょうど、E is for EXIT sign も学習していたのです。すみやかに屋外へ避難することができました。その後、日本語の紙しばいで復習しました。

明日は消防署 (fire station) 見学に行きます。Fire engine に fire fighter、楽しみですね!

ちなみに、fire extinguisher は消火器のことです!!
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d0114908_20352819.jpgIn morning circle the kids had to race each other to put their names and photos onto the attendance board. Everyone enjoyed this because they all received a sticker for taking part in it.

Today in our culture class we learned about a country called England.

They were curious about the castles and the flag, but even more curious about the different types of English food; a “roast meal” and a traditional English Breakfast.

After this in game-time we played an “e“ game, the Egg and Spoon race and then they enjoyed a story by Julian about Fire safety.
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Bamboo Shoots!!: May 21, 2007


d0114908_20344465.jpgToday was the beginning of E week.

The Kinders finished their "Diddle Diddle Dumpling" worksheets. They clapped and sang along to the song with great enthusiasm.

In morning routine we started with attendance. Today we had two children at a time run to the board and find their picture and name the quickest.

They then stuck them to the board and ran back to the start line. The children loved this new routine and did it with much excitement.

We also added some new emotions today; Bored, Tired, Excited, Fantastic, Scared, Frustrated.

Before we knew it, it was snack time.

Then Rompers and Kinders joined classes to start learning their "E"
vocabulary words. They all then had to draw an "E" word. For example Elephant, Ear, Eagle.

Before lunch we had an Egg hunt. All the eggs had clues inside.

For example, walk like an Elephant or count to Eight. If the child did what was written on the clue they received a sticker.

Then we had Japanese class to prepare for our fire drill. Yuko read a story to tell the children how dangerous it is to play with fire.

After lunch Julian cut up and showed the children a bamboo shoot from
Kaori's garden. They got to see, touch and smell the bamboo shoot.

Then it was goodbye time. We read "Excuse me" and sang the goodbye song.
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d0114908_109419.jpgKindergarten kids had a wonderful time with the nursery rhymes, this week we had “Diddle Diddle Dumpling”, while toddlers and rompers enjoyed playing games.

Morning routine: We sang the Good Morning Song cheerfully, the attendance list following the usual pattern and finally at the Family Tree routine, this time kids got to tell the class about their friend’s family! E.g. “This is U.Y.'s grandfather”.

To warm up we begun with the “hello song”, followed next by The Monkey Dance, Hickery, dickery dock and to end happy…Where is thumbkin!

Physical Education (P.E. - Kindergarten class). It is important to encourage children to participate in physical activities.

Today we started with simple motor skills. In small groups, children; rolled, threw and bounced balls. At the beginning they practiced with two hands, then one hand, sitting down, standing up, etc.

Japanese class with Yuko. She read “Tora to maruta”.

20 minutes latter teachers (Tim, Rebecca and Julian) performed a puppet show (The three little pigs), but this time using lots of movements and using original lines that at the end students just enjoyed a lot!
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