St. Patrick's Day!: March 17, 2008


Today was St. Patrick's day and we talked about St. Patrick's day and what they do on this day in Ireland to celebrate it.

We then had a puppet show and showed them a shamrock leaf and explained to them that if you find a four leafed shamrock, you will find a pot of gold. The kids were very curious about this and laughed a lot.

We then sang the "Rainbow song" and after this had a shamrock hunt.

Next we had a snack and after this we went outside into the warm sun and played jump rope and kicked a soccer ball around the yard.

We then came inside and played musical chairs and hide and seek with the kids which they thoroughly enjoyed.

After lunch some of the kids made some nice green bracelets or watches to symbolise St. Patrick's day.
by yspreschool2007 | 2008-03-17 19:58 | プリスクール&キンダーガーテン