Tulip craft: February 18, 2008


d0114908_22111690.jpgIn the morning circle today the kids studied shapes and we asked them questions like "What shape is this?" and then the teacher drew the shape on the board and continued to draw inside the shape and we then asked the kids "What is this?" and they had to answer "It's a cookie".

After this the children listened to a story called "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

In Toddler time A.S. and S.S. were chosen to be the song leaders and did a great job in showing the little kids the actions to the songs.

Then in craft time the Toddlers and the Rompers started their Tulip craft.

They blew on blobs of paint with a straw to create a beautiful pattern on their paper.

After lunch the kids either practiced the Sakura song on the handbells or played with the stilts or played hopscotch before going home.
by yspreschool2007 | 2008-02-18 15:52 | プリスクール&キンダーガーテン