Making Valentine's cards: February 13, 2008


Today we read a story about Valentine's Day and talked about the similarities and differences between Japanese and American Valentine's Day.

We discovered that on Valentine's Day in America and Canada, kids make cards to give to their family and friends to say "Thank You" for their love and support throughout the year.

Afterwards, during Language Arts class, we practiced writing out names on the backs of our Valentines Cards.

And then during craft time, we decorated our cards with pasting, coloring, and stamping. The kids enjoyed making all different kinds of cards in different ways.

The Kinders learned about using TO and FROM on letters to indicate the RECIPIENT and the SENDER. And they practiced writing the names of the other students and teachers.

On Thursday morning, the kids took turns delivering their Valentine's to the different mailboxes around the classroom.

The kids enjoyed playing MAILMAN!
by yspreschool2007 | 2008-02-13 22:59 | プリスクール&キンダーガーテン