Setsubun!!: February 4, 2008


d0114908_1225277.jpgIn the morning we finished doing our Oni crafts making a Oni hat with a face on it and then making a basket to hold the beans.

The anticipation was rising while we waited for the return of the Oni's.

Before their imminent return the children listened to a story read by Yuko called "Oni wa soto!" which to my knowledge translates to "Ogre go away!" in English.

After recieving their beans which they use to throw at the Oni's the children sat down and Julian read them a story.

It was during this story that the Oni's burst into the room and the children sat there stunned for a minute, then they realized what they had to do and started throwing beans at the Oni's to try and make them go away!

Some kids were a little shocked and started to cry but some of them were very brave and threw their beans at the Oni's seemingly with little fear of them.

Some of them ran into the foyer to see if they could capture a glimpse of who was wearing the Oni costumes once they had departed!

After lunch we had a less scary activity which was making a February calendar with a Valentines theme and soon it was the end of an eventful morning.
by yspreschool2007 | 2008-02-04 23:19 | プリスクール&キンダーガーテン