"What flavour could a red soup be?": January 28, 2008


d0114908_12271430.jpgThis morning in the morning routine we studied "Y" vocabulary like Yard,Yan,Yarn,Yell,Yo-Yo and then we studied some food vocabulary by giving the kids hints and they had to guess the name of the food.

After this we had a "Y" story called "Yummy Yucky" and asked them questions like "What flavour could a red soup be?" to really test their knowledge.

In Romper time the kids had to do a matching exercise worksheet. They had to match the parent animal to its baby, for example they had to match a Horse to a Foal.

The Toddlers played a game which was to put all of the same coloured balls into a basket. They had a lot of fun and attempted to put all of the colours into the one basket which they finally achieved.

Just before lunch we played balloon volleyball which was lots of fun!

After lunch we made birthday cards for R.I. and then just before hometime we read a story called "Where can Bunny paint?"
by yspreschool2007 | 2008-01-28 22:41 | プリスクール&キンダーガーテン