PE; Obstacle course: January 21, 2008


d0114908_1764646.jpgIn the morning routine we studied "X" vocabulary and then we had a story called "I'll be a Firefighter" which then led to the next activity which was learning about occupation vocabulary, for example, Nurse, Singer, Doctor, Model ...Etc.. .

I then asked the question "What do you want to be when you are older?" and they had to reply "I want to be a _______". Most of the students wanted to be Singers!

Later in Japanese time Yuko read a story called "Niwatori Naze Naze Asa Nakuno?" which they enjoyed immensely.

After this the students attempted to do an obstacle course. A.S. really excelled at this as she was very fast and could beat the timer.

After lunch the students made birthday carsds for B.J. and some of the kids finished making their Daruma Otoshi.

At 1.50pm Rebecca read a story called "The Big Snowball".
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