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YPK 第一回卒園式 の様子が2008年3月18日付の福島民友新聞に掲載されました。

詳細については、The Official YPK Blog をご覧ください。
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St. Patrick\'s Day!: March 17, 2008_d0114908_23213940.jpgティム先生より

Today was St. Patrick's day and we talked about St. Patrick's day and what they do on this day in Ireland to celebrate it.

We then had a puppet show and showed them a shamrock leaf and explained to them that if you find a four leafed shamrock, you will find a pot of gold. The kids were very curious about this and laughed a lot.

We then sang the "Rainbow song" and after this had a shamrock hunt.

Next we had a snack and after this we went outside into the warm sun and played jump rope and kicked a soccer ball around the yard.

We then came inside and played musical chairs and hide and seek with the kids which they thoroughly enjoyed.

After lunch some of the kids made some nice green bracelets or watches to symbolise St. Patrick's day.
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3月のお誕生会: March 14, 2008_d0114908_23171836.jpgゆうこ先生より


卒園証書授与ではN.M.ちゃんとA.Sh.ちゃんが証書を受け取る練習、お別れの歌では "Stand By Me" と "なごり雪" をみんなで歌いました。歌の練習は先日のコンサートが終わって今週から始めましたが、少しずつ歌詞を覚えてジーナ先生と一緒に大きな声で歌えるようになりました。



2才になったI.I.ちゃんも Strawberry tarte をおいしそうに食べ、笑顔を見せてくれました。そしてずっとお誕生日の冠をかぶってうれしそうな様子でした。


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朝みんなが集まると、サークルになって「Good morning!!」と元気に朝の挨拶、そして練習の前にゲーム&運動をして体を動かしました。




ロンパーの "Winter time"、 キンダー&ロンパーの "The help yourself chair" では、みんな覚えた自分のセリフをマイクに向かって練習。R.I.くんは笑顔で役を演じ、見ていたこちらも思わず笑顔になりました。


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Hinamatsuri: March 3, 2008


Hinamatsuri: March 3, 2008_d0114908_9571335.jpgToday is Hinamatsuri day and in the morning circle we asked questions like "What day is it today?", "What do they eat and drink on this day?" and "How do the girls dress?".

After this we moved onto the tea ceremony and the kids sang the Hinamatsuri song and then Mrs. Miura and her two assistants helped to make some delicious tea.

Julian also dressed in his ceremonial gown and helped serve the tea.

Everyone that was involved with the ceremony enjoyed it immensely.

Firstly we ate some very sweet candy from Kyoto and then drank the tea which is a little bitter. The sweetness of the candy made it almost impossible to notice the bitterness of the tea and then after this we ate another piece of candy to counteract the bitterness again.

I am sure everyone felt refreshed and reinvigorated after drinking the Green tea.

After lunch we made a Hinamatsuri calendar for the month of March and the Kinders and Rompers did a great job of assembling the different pieces of the dolls and sticking them onto the paper.
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オンリーイングリッシュで遊ぶ男の子たち(L.A.クラス): February 29, 2008_d0114908_9554492.jpgL.A.の時間、ロンパーさんは動物のカード(peacock, koara, alligator, tiger, bear, turtleなど)をテーブルの上に並べ、"~,~, What do you see?"、"I see a ~." と言ってカードを取るゲームをしました。


一方、キンダーさんは 「ひなまつり」 のプリントに取り組んでいました。「うれしいひなまつり」の歌(英語版)のフレーズを書き取りし、絵を描きます。

S.S.ちゃんは、お内裏様、お雛様、5人囃子を描いていました。そして、"Let's light the lanturn. And bring the peach blossoms..........." と、「ひなまつり」の歌を英語で完璧に歌って聞かせてくれました。その後、日本語でも歌ってくれました。


団子の生地を一人一塊もらい、それを2つに分け、さらに2つに分け、4個の団子を作りました。Math の勉強にもなりましたね。みんな粘土で遊ぶように手でコロコロ楽しく丸めていました。


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Lots of fun at PE class : February 28, 2008_d0114908_18532079.jpgToday kids played fun coordination games by using balloons.

We raced in pairs as students had to hold them first with their arms and then gradually with more difficult parts of the body (tummy, head, neck, between their legs, etc.).

They had a lot of fun racing! and coordination wasn't easy. But they did an
excellent job.

After excersising so hard! they were telling me all the time "I'm hungry! Lunch time?". It was really funny!
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Violin Concert: February 27, 2008


Violin Concert: February 27, 2008_d0114908_18483998.jpgSince one of our themes for February was music, we asked a professional musician to come and play for the children.

Mr. Satoshi Inoue of Miharu was kind enough to come and play violin for us.

At circle time we talked about how to behave at the concert, and then had an early snack so we could be ready for Mr. Inoue.

Some moms and grandmothers also come for concert. The kids enjoyed hearing the violin and singing some songs with the violin.

We sang the Tulip Song, and Sanpo (from Tonari no Totoro), and Twinkle Little Star, as well as a couple of others, and we heard a song by Beethovan.

The children were enthusiastic and even requested songs for second concert. At the end of the concert, A.Sh. and N.M. gave him flowers and thanked him.

After the concert we made Momotaro paper and chopstick puppets so we can act out the Momotaro story with our friends and at home.

The kids enjoyed coloring and making the puppets, and we sang the Momotaro Song while we worked.

After lunch we practiced our Teddy Bear Songs and the handbells for the upcoming concert. The kids really love dancing with their stuffed animals.
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2月のお誕生会: February 26, 2008_d0114908_22101289.jpg今日は、N.S.ちゃんとN.I.くんのお誕生会。


本日のスペシャルスナックは、「バナナチョコレート・トライフル」。Kimie のお手製です。








二人とも、Happy Birthday!!
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This morning in the morning circle we started with attendance and the kids had to raise their hands and say "Yes" when the teacher called their names.

Next was a guessing game that the kids had to guess which animal puppet was under the puppet stage. Hints were given and then the teacher would slowly reveal the animal if they could not guess the animal.

In song time the kids listened to a new "ABC" song which they thoroughly enjoyed.

In Romper time the kids did a shapes worksheet. They did an excellent job of listening to the teachers instructions and A.Su. was very vocal in this class and was answering many questions from the teacher correctly.

It was pleasing to hear A.Su. contribute more to the morning circle as well because she has a good grasp of English vocabulary.

After this the kids enjoyed a ball balancing game and then some soccer with the teachers.

Then it was lunchtime and after lunch the some of the kids practiced with handbells for the concert.
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コンサートへ向けて(歌の練習): February 22, 2008_d0114908_22104294.jpgモーニングルーティンでは色々な乗り物のピクチャーカード(Police car, Airplane, Truck, Van, Helicopter, Boat Duble decker bus...)を見ました。


次に先生が絵本 "David goes to school" を読み聞かせてくれました。みんながよく知っている絵本 "No David" と同じシリーズで、David が学校に行くお話です。

学校に遅刻し、チューインガムを食べたり、順番を守らなかったり、机に落書きしたり、鉛筆をドラムスティックのようにして遊んだり・・・・。学校でもマナーを守れない David ですが、そんな David がおかしくてみんなゲラゲラ笑いながら見ていました。

コンサートの練習。歌の練習ではみんな自分のお気に入りのぬいぐるみを持って、歌い踊りました。 "Rock a bye your bear" は前から子ども達がよく知っているお馴染みの歌です。 "Teddy bear playtime" は子ども達にとって新しい歌ですが、みんなすぐ好きになり楽しく踊っています。

この他、トドラーさんは "ABC Rock" の曲に合わせて元気にティム先生と一緒に歌いました。ロック調で思わず大きな声で歌いたくなる ABC song です。

午後はハンドベル ”さくら さくら” の練習。まだまだスムーズにはいきませんが、少しずつ ”さくら さくら” の曲らしくなってきたかな?

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Tulip craft: February 18, 2008


Tulip craft: February 18, 2008_d0114908_22111690.jpgIn the morning circle today the kids studied shapes and we asked them questions like "What shape is this?" and then the teacher drew the shape on the board and continued to draw inside the shape and we then asked the kids "What is this?" and they had to answer "It's a cookie".

After this the children listened to a story called "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Seuss which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

In Toddler time A.S. and S.S. were chosen to be the song leaders and did a great job in showing the little kids the actions to the songs.

Then in craft time the Toddlers and the Rompers started their Tulip craft.

They blew on blobs of paint with a straw to create a beautiful pattern on their paper.

After lunch the kids either practiced the Sakura song on the handbells or played with the stilts or played hopscotch before going home.
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スクールのルールについて再確認: February 15, 2008_d0114908_22114878.jpg今朝は、ジュリアン先生とティム先生がスクールのルールについて子ども達に話して聞かせ、みんなで次の約束をしました。

*No pushimg, No running, No screaming



みんなで約束をした後は Story time。絵本 "Silly Willy" を見ました。Willy が Pants を頭にかぶって Rabbit? になったり、Gloves を足にはめて Frog? になったり・・・・と、とても面白おかしい絵本です。みんなで Willy の間違いを指摘し合いながら楽しく見ました。

続いて、コンサートの練習。ロンパーさんは "Winter Time" の自分のパートが決まり、ジーナ先生の指示のもと、練習に励んでいました。

Japanese の時間は手遊びと紙芝居。手遊び ”キャベツのなかから” は、みんなすぐに歌を覚え、一緒に元気に歌ってくれました。終わった後もN.M.ちゃん、A.S.ちゃん、S.S.ちゃんは ”キャベツ~の なかか~ら あおむ~しでたよ、にょきにょき” と大きな声で口ずさんでいました。

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Happy Valentine\'s Day: February 14, 2008_d0114908_7483945.jpgSt. Valentine's Day の今日は、カードの交換から始まりました。

子どもたちは先週、各自の Mail Box と Valentine's day card をクラス全員分制作しています。

子どもたちは、登園し、朝のお仕事を済ませると、教室の中に設置された各自の Mail Box に、カードを配達するところからバレンタインの朝が始まりました。

Happy Valentine\'s Day: February 14, 2008_d0114908_749422.jpgカードは、エイジ・グループ毎に異なった到達目標をもって取り組みました。キンダーさんは、クラスメイトと先生方の名前を全員分書きました。とても頑張りましたね!

その後、Kimie お手製のハートクッキーをスナックにいただき、コンサート練習、PEの課業の後、クラフトクラスで、おうちの方へのバレンタインクッキーをデコレートしました。

ピンクのフロスティングの上に、ちょうどA.M.ちゃんのアメリカ土産でいただいた「アメリカ色」した M&M チョコレートを飾り、ココナッツやアザランなどをあしらって可愛らしく仕上げました。

Happy Valentine\'s Day: February 14, 2008_d0114908_7493141.jpg日本のバレンタインデーは、女の子が好きな男の子へチョコを渡しますが、本来の St. Valentine's Day は、自分の身近な人たちへ "I love you" の気持ちを伝える日です。


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Today we read a story about Valentine's Day and talked about the similarities and differences between Japanese and American Valentine's Day.

We discovered that on Valentine's Day in America and Canada, kids make cards to give to their family and friends to say "Thank You" for their love and support throughout the year.

Afterwards, during Language Arts class, we practiced writing out names on the backs of our Valentines Cards.

And then during craft time, we decorated our cards with pasting, coloring, and stamping. The kids enjoyed making all different kinds of cards in different ways.

The Kinders learned about using TO and FROM on letters to indicate the RECIPIENT and the SENDER. And they practiced writing the names of the other students and teachers.

On Thursday morning, the kids took turns delivering their Valentine's to the different mailboxes around the classroom.

The kids enjoyed playing MAILMAN!
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Z week 終了;アルファベットワークシート完成!: February 8, 2008_d0114908_1028151.jpg今日のモーニングルーティーンでは、病気やケガの表現(I got a mosquito bite. I have a stomachache. I got a bee sting. I twisted my ankle.......など)をティム先生がジェスチャーをして見せて、みんなで答えを当てました。


I feel carsick. の表現のとき、N.M.ちゃんは "I have carsick and sleepy." と言って先生に伝えていました。

今週は Z-week。A から始まったアルファベットもいよいよ最後です。

トドラーは "Z is for zebra." で Letter "Z" にクレヨンで縞模様を描きました。S.Su.くん、上手な縞々を描いてティム先生に褒められていました。

ロンパーはワークシート。"Z is for zoo." で動物園の檻の中に自分の好きな動物の絵を描きました。

キンダー+ロンパー(4人)は、来月のコンサートの劇 "The help yourself chair" (どうぞのいす)の練習。役が決まってそれぞれ台詞を覚えていました。

その後は、Valentine's Day のクラフト。先日は壁飾りを作りましたが、今日はカードを入れる Mail box 作りです。



今日は最後のアルファベット "Z" を学んだ一日でした。

1ヵ月後は Annual concert ですね。

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Coach each other, Play togethter: February 6, 2008_d0114908_10264766.jpgTim had story time with the Toddlers while Jeana read Momotaro with the big kids.

Then after snack, we broke into two groups. Tim and the Kinders played a matching letters game while Jeana and the Rompers did their Z pages in the workbook.

Some of the Rompers also worked on writing and reading the numbers.

After 30 minutes we switched and the Rompers played blocks with the Toddlers while the Kinders practiced reading their numbers.

N.M. coached B.J. on writing numbers one to 5, while S.S. coached K.W. on writing numbers one to 10.

Both coaches did a great job, and both K.W. and B.J. showed improvement.

And A.S. coached A.Sh. on reading and spelling number words one to ten.

We are trying to teach the kids how to COACH each other. This gives the kids a chance to help eachother.

After table time, Tim led a craft time. We had fun making a SECRET Valentine's present for our moms and dads. Won't our mothers be surprised and pleased!

After lunch we enjoyed some free time with the blocks and tanagrams, while some of the kids practiced their ball bouncing skills and some of the big girls "played school and house" with the little ones.
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Setsubun!!: February 4, 2008


Setsubun!!: February 4, 2008_d0114908_1225277.jpgIn the morning we finished doing our Oni crafts making a Oni hat with a face on it and then making a basket to hold the beans.

The anticipation was rising while we waited for the return of the Oni's.

Before their imminent return the children listened to a story read by Yuko called "Oni wa soto!" which to my knowledge translates to "Ogre go away!" in English.

After recieving their beans which they use to throw at the Oni's the children sat down and Julian read them a story.

It was during this story that the Oni's burst into the room and the children sat there stunned for a minute, then they realized what they had to do and started throwing beans at the Oni's to try and make them go away!

Some kids were a little shocked and started to cry but some of them were very brave and threw their beans at the Oni's seemingly with little fear of them.

Some of them ran into the foyer to see if they could capture a glimpse of who was wearing the Oni costumes once they had departed!

After lunch we had a less scary activity which was making a February calendar with a Valentines theme and soon it was the end of an eventful morning.
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Yarn でくだものを表現: February 1, 2008_d0114908_1225281.jpg今週はY-week。今日もYのボキャブラリーについて学びました。

今日は先生がいくつかのヒントを出し、子ども達が答えを当てていきましたが、Yarnは誰も答えられませんでした。そして先生が正解を言うと、N.M.ちゃんは、「昨日やったのに思い出せなかった~。」と悔しそう。(昨日キンダーさんはYのpicture bookをつくり、yarnも習ったので。)

今日はキンダーとロンパーは、 L.A.でジーナ先生と "I can~." のフレーズを学びました。またジュリアン先生とクラフト。画用紙に自分の好きなフルーツの絵を描き、色を塗る代わりにyarnを貼って色をつけました。Orange,Melon, Watermelon, Grapes, Strawberry....などみんないろいろなフルーツを作りました。




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白鳥見学(トドラークラス) : January 31, 2008_d0114908_12255488.jpg悪天候のため延期となっていたトドラーさんのフィールドトリップでしたが、今日ようやく出掛けることができました。








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\"Silly Itazura Storytime\": January 30, 2008_d0114908_12264476.jpgThis week has been hard without Rebecca but we are managing.

In morning circle we played "Silly Itazura Storytime".

Jeana read the "Frosty the Snowman" story but with a difference - she changed parts of the story, and the kids had to shout out "No, Jeana." and give the correct information.

For example, at the start the story goes "It was winter vacation and the children were outside playing in the snow." But Jeana read "It was SUMMER vacation and the children were at the beach."

The children quickly caught onto the game and ejoyed changing parts of the story. Our snowman became TIM instead of Frosty and Tim-sensei got to act out parts of our new silly story.

After, we learned a new song which is sung to the tune of "You Are My Sunshine".

The song goes......

You are my snowman,
My only snowman,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
And when the sun's out,
You'll hear us all shout
please don't MELT (or take) our snowman away.

At snack time, we had a birthday party for B.J., R.I. and A.Sh. Mrs. Kimie made delicious steamed blueberry and yogurt cakes. They were delicious.

After Circle and Storytime we had language arts. The children did the "Y" pages in their workbooks, then wrote a PICTURE STORY about something special they can do. "I can......"

From this week, on Wednesdays the Rompers and Kinders will take turns helping Tim with Toddlers.

The big kids enjoyed playing housekeeping (mommy gokko) and playing Rhyming Bingo with the little ones. (N.S. got a taste of being a real mother, as she carried and took care of our newest Toddler most of the day. She was a real trooper and did a great job.)
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\"What flavour could a red soup be?\": January 28, 2008_d0114908_12271430.jpgThis morning in the morning routine we studied "Y" vocabulary like Yard,Yan,Yarn,Yell,Yo-Yo and then we studied some food vocabulary by giving the kids hints and they had to guess the name of the food.

After this we had a "Y" story called "Yummy Yucky" and asked them questions like "What flavour could a red soup be?" to really test their knowledge.

In Romper time the kids had to do a matching exercise worksheet. They had to match the parent animal to its baby, for example they had to match a Horse to a Foal.

The Toddlers played a game which was to put all of the same coloured balls into a basket. They had a lot of fun and attempted to put all of the colours into the one basket which they finally achieved.

Just before lunch we played balloon volleyball which was lots of fun!

After lunch we made birthday cards for R.I. and then just before hometime we read a story called "Where can Bunny paint?"
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さよなら、レベッカ先生 : January 25, 2008_d0114908_1647234.jpg今日のトドラーさんは・・・、トドラーの活動が始まるとき、8人が部屋の中を楽しそうに走り回っていました。もうすっかりスクールに慣れたトドラーさん達。友達を意識するようになって関わりを求めたり、友達の名前を呼ぶ声が飛び交うようになりました。

Story Timeでは絵本 "Mickey Mouse and His Boat" を見ました。A.M.ちゃんとL.H.ちゃんは、二人で「はんぶんこ」と言って私の膝の上に仲良く座って見ました。何でも独り占めするのではなく、シェアすることも身に付いているようですね。

その後は Craft。全員で "Snowman cupcakes" を作りました。cupcake に目・鼻・口をつけてかわいい Snowman の出来上がり。

さよなら、レベッカ先生 : January 25, 2008_d0114908_16474226.jpgさて、今日はレベッカ先生とお別れの日です。代表してキンダーのN.M.ちゃんが花束を、A.Sh.ちゃんはみんなが描いた絵をレベッカ先生にプレゼントしました。S.S.ちゃんが "I miss you..." と先生に一言。みんなも "I miss you...." とちょっぴりしんみり。

そして、ランチタイムは先生を囲んで会食をしました。お弁当を食べ終わると先程作った cupcake を食べました。


みんな先生にたくさん教えてもらったり、たくさんお話ししたり、たくさん遊んでもらったり・・・・楽しい思い出が出来たことと思います。またいつか "Hello, Rebecca!!" と笑顔で先生に会える日が来るといいですね!!
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白鳥見学; 鎌倉池へ: January 23, 2008_d0114908_13475392.jpgロンパーさんとキンダーさんは、冬の遠足で鎌倉池へ白鳥見学に出掛けました。




行きの車の中では "BINGO" を大合唱。ほどなく大槻町にある鎌倉池へ到着しました。



"How many swans? Can you count?" と促すと、U.Y.くん "I don't know!" と即答。確かに、ちょっと数えられません。




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I want to be ... : January 22, 2008_d0114908_13493693.jpgIn the morning we played guess the food. The flash card were described to the students and they had to guess what food was on the card.

We reviewed some of the occupation flash cards from before. Some of the students had a hard time making up their minds on what they wanted to be when they grow up, they wanted to do everything!

We finished morning circle with "Peter's chair". A story about a boy who learns how to share his things with his new baby sister.

During language arts we read the story "winter time". A rhyming book about the different parts needed to build a snowman.

Then in craft time we made our own snowman out of circles, squares, rectangles and a triangle for a nose.

Before lunch Yuko explained to the students in Japanese the correct way to take care of our books.

In the afternoon we finished our Daruma Otoshi by drawing serious faces on them.

The good-bye story was "The jacket I wear in the snow".
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PE; Obstacle course: January 21, 2008_d0114908_1764646.jpgIn the morning routine we studied "X" vocabulary and then we had a story called "I'll be a Firefighter" which then led to the next activity which was learning about occupation vocabulary, for example, Nurse, Singer, Doctor, Model ...Etc.. .

I then asked the question "What do you want to be when you are older?" and they had to reply "I want to be a _______". Most of the students wanted to be Singers!

Later in Japanese time Yuko read a story called "Niwatori Naze Naze Asa Nakuno?" which they enjoyed immensely.

After this the students attempted to do an obstacle course. A.S. really excelled at this as she was very fast and could beat the timer.

After lunch the students made birthday carsds for B.J. and some of the kids finished making their Daruma Otoshi.

At 1.50pm Rebecca read a story called "The Big Snowball".
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日本のおもちゃ: January 18, 2008_d0114908_0364024.jpg今日もモーニングルーティーンでは、ピクチャーカードを見て "W" のボキャブラリーを答えました。

wasp, whale, wolf.... などみんな答えを当てていましたが、wagon の時はなかなか正解が出ませんでした。そのとき、トドラーのR.O.ちゃんが答えを当て、先生達みんなビックリ!!R.O.ちゃん、初めてステッカーをゲットしました。Good job!!

歌の時間は "Who is wearing green?" を歌いました。この歌の時はみんな自分の服を見て色を探し、見つけると教えてくれます。今日ストライプのセーターを着ていたK.F.くんは、「見て!いろいろな色があるよ。」とうれしそうでした。

続いて、"Frosty the snowman" のビデオ鑑賞。前から紙芝居を見たり、歌を歌ったりしていたので、さらに興味深くビデオを見ることができました。

日本のおもちゃ: January 18, 2008_d0114908_0365712.jpgクラフトは”だるま落とし”つくり。(キンダーとロンパー)




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記念撮影: January 17, 2008


記念撮影: January 17, 2008_d0114908_20215039.jpg3学期から入園されたお子さまが数名と、また、長い冬休みからのカムバック登園組みとが加わって、今朝、出欠を取ったところ、なんと25名の園児さんがいらっしゃいました。


最初の課業は、L.A.(Langage Arts)クラスです。「Out」のブックを読みました。私は、K.H.くんとロンパー1組に密着。


先週のジュリアン先生の日記にもありましたが、子ども同士が互いに助け合い、教え合う "coaching" の姿は、本当に微笑ましい限りです。

テーブルの反対側では、K.F.くんが、ジーナ先生と一緒に読み始めました。"Out of the house"、 "Out of the water" ... 絵と単語の頭文字を手がかりに、どんどん読んでいきます。



次の課業はクラフトで、みんな、アルファベットワークシートの制作に取り組みました。今週は「W」ウィークです。トドラーさんたちも、wool で "W" 作りに挑戦です。


記念撮影: January 17, 2008_d0114908_20203145.jpg



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Hanetsuki : January 16, 2008


Hanetsuki : January 16, 2008_d0114908_20223823.jpgIt was a very cold morning, so we kept the kids busy with balls and hula-hoops this morning.

The children have become very good at sharing the balls and toys (with a little encouragement from the sticker fairy).

The children are also helping out more and more in the classroom. This morning N.S. was Jeana's sticker helper, and K.W. and U.Y. and B.J. helped Rebecca set up the chairs for morning circle.

In morning circle, Rebecca reviewed the "W" words, and read the OPPOSITES book. While reading the story, the kids practiced TALL AND SHORT by comparing sizes.

"H.W. is taller than H.I." etc.
"A.Sh. is shorter than N.M." etc.

We danced and sang to "Are you Ready?" and "Five Little Ducks" and some other songs.

After circle time, the kids enjoyed chatting about "Dangerous" things while eating their snacks, and we read our "OUT" books during language arts.

Then the kids made a cool racket and birdie for Japanese badminton(Hanetsuki).

We had a very fun day together today.
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